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Basic Fall Lawn Care

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

As the temperatures cool in Nevada County its time to do some basic lawn care tasks to help your lawn weather the winter and thrive next year.  Tasks you may want to undertake now include:

  • Applying herbicides to broadleaf weeds.
  • Correct soil pH.  If your lawn is acidic then apply lime, if alkaline then apply sulphur.
  • Remove the thatch from your lawn by raking.
  • If the soil is badly compacted then perform core aeration on your lawn.  If need be aerators can be bought or rented.  If you are aerating your lawn you may want to wait to apply lime to it until you have performed the aeration as some studies have shown that lime applied after aeration is 3 times more effective than lime applied before aeration.
  • Rake up or vacuum leaves from the lawn so that the lawn does not get smothered over winter.
  • Drain the gas tank in the lawn mower after the final mowing of the lawn.  This prevents the gasoline in the tank from turning into a varnish like substance.