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Empire Mine in Snow

Monday, February 16th, 2009

The recent series of winter storms have dropped some considerable amounts of snow on Grass Valley, and one of the best local places to go and walk in the snow has to be the Empire Mine State Historic Park. 

I arrived at the Penn Gate parking lot at about 9.30am and although it was empty (unusually so because by this time normally the parking lot is full and there are a good number of horse trailers in the trailer area) I was not the first person to enter the park that day.  Ski tracks and footprints led from the parking lot along the Hardrock trail through the six or so inches of fresh powder.

I followed the Hardrock trail first past the Pennsylvania mine buildings and then past the WYOD mine before doubling back in a loop and climbing through the WYOD mine spoil heap joining the trail leading back past the mule corral and the back of the Pennsylvania mine buildings. 

The Empire Mine State Park is an amazing recreational resource right here in Grass Valley, and the trails never lose their appeal, especially when weather events such as snow storms change the whole experience.  Only a few days ago the weather was unseasonably warm, the trails were dry and people were walking them in shorts and t shirts!

Let it snow!

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Most of us in the Grass Valley and Nevada City area woke up today with a light dusting of snow outside our windows. For us, it was just enough for a snow ball fight in our downtown Grass Valley yard with my 2-year old son. But, get ready for more. The National Weather Service says Tuesday night snow levels at 2500 feet, dropping to 1900 feet on Wednesday before rising again. Friday, and possibly going into Saturday, snow levels of 2700 feet.

So, what should we do this week in Nevada County? If you like the snow, pull out your snow shoes and drive for a few minutes East on Highway 20. White Cloud is only 15 minutes or so outside Nevada City, and has a fun snow play area for sledding or snowman building, and miles of trails for snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. Of course, we’re only 45 minutes from Boreal, the closest resort for downhill skiing and snow boarding.

If you’re not so fond of the snow and rain we’re having this week, look for indoor activities.  The Imaginarium is having their preschool play day on Tuesday, February 10th from 9am-12pm for preschool age, and they are having an Open to the Public day on Saturday, February 21st, from noon-5pm. Or, drop by Summer Thymes on Colfax Avenue in Grass Valley any day for a tasty hot drink to stay warm. You could always take in a movie downtown at the classic Del Oro Theater.