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Nevada County Gift Shopping – Hand Made Soap

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

IF you frequent the various markets in Grass Valley and Nevada City you’ll have come across Frontier Angel Soaps, that is if you can get through the crowds of people at their stall to be able to smell their excellent range of soaps!  They make the soaps by hand locally in Grass Valley, and as I walk the dog at night I always look forward to the smell of the batch of soap being made, especially pungent on clear, cold, still nights.

Anyways, looking for another local gift idea?  Well we have been sending these soaps around the country to all and sundry and after the initial response of “thank you for the soap you sent from Grass Valley for my birthdaty / Christmas / whatever (delete as applicable)”, we usually get a follow up response a few months later which normally starts like this “remember that Grass Valley soap you sent me, can i get some more?”.

So we can heartily recommend giving this soap as a present.  It’s not your run of the mill soap.  It’s hand made, and it’s very nicely packaged.  Here in Grass Valley you can buy it at the Briarpatch, or at Amy Taylors (on Mill St).  And if you want any further details about the soap or where you can buy it, see the Frontier Angel website.  One word of warning, if you are sending these soaps out of the area, buy them early and ship them early so you can spend less on shipping.

Local gift shopping – Alpaca Products

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Too early to buy things for the holiday season?  Sorry I was in a store the other day (not naming any names) and i saw a tree surrounded by lights and presents, and we are not even done with Halloween yet!  Anyways, we’re going to be looking for local gifts made right here in Nevada County this season and writing about them on this website.  

Yes, local gifts may cost a little more than ordering from etc, but you may be sending someone something that makes them want to come and see Grass Valley or Nevada City or the surrounding area, while spending your money in our local area, helping to keep the economic benefits of your money in Nevada County.

And with that said, lets start our eclectic local gift guide with a look at Alpaca products from A Star Alpacas of Grass Valley.