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Pilot Peak Wine

Saturday, November 8th, 2008


Serving Pilot Peak wine

Serving Pilot Peak wine

Another in our random series of items that may make good gifts during the holiday season.  Today we’re looking at Pilot Peak, a local winery in Penn Valley that’s been crafting some really good wines in recent years and generating a fanatical following in the form of the “Peakers” wine club.


We stumbled on Pilot Peak by accident during one of the wine events and we’ve been going ever since.  We’ve also been taking people from out of town there because of the warm welcome these people get, and also because of the ambience.  They have created a small mediterranean garden that is just the place to enjoy the samplers, or, enjoy a whole bottle of the wine you liked best during the sampling!

And their wines?  They have a wide selection (see the wine list at with our personal favorites being their Cabernet Franc, Zinfandel and Viognier.  Alas the latter two were the favorites of so many people that the current vintages sold out earlier this year, but not to worry, the PrimoZin is an excellent substitution for the Zinfandel, and we know they have other wines coming in the future that will satisfy our Viognier habit.  

Anyways, we have often given bottles of Pilot Peak wine to people for occasions and have never had any hate mail sent back to us.  In fact usually we’re asked if “the winery will be open for tasting when we come”.  Now if someone asks us to tell us the dates the winery is open so they can plan their trip around them maybe we’ll get a little suspicious about why they are coming to see us….  We’ve also given the wine as corporate gifts too.

One word of warning, if you are sending the wine out of state, do check the rules on shipping.  Not all states welcome wine shipments from California!