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Grass Valley Cornish Christmas November 28th

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

The day after Thanksgiving saw good crowds at Cornish Christmas in Grass Valley on a clear night with the temperatures in the low 40s F.  While it felt busy, Mill Street felt like it had fewer stalls than usual this year, with a cluster down near the Del Oro and another cluster near Main Street, but isolated stalls in between.  If this is the case then hopefully the good crowd tonight will bring more stall holders out for the remaining evenings before Christmas.

As always we frequented the Frontier Angel handmade soap stall and purchased a good number of soaps to send out as presents.  Feedback on the soaps is always good from friends and family so why mess with a winning formula?  We also enjoyed the bright lights of the stalls in Main Street and some of the Christmas window displays, the one at Foothill Flowers being particularly bright and welcoming.  

If we’d not just enjoyed Turkey Dinner 2, then we’d have probably been tempted by some of the good smelling food on offer from a number of the stalls, and braved the line for the chestnuts too.  Good to see some of our local shops packed out with people too, although navigating with a stroller in Tess’ Kitchen Store is not to be recommended when the store is packed out!  I declined to enter Yuba Blue as it was even busier than Tess’.  Good.