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Going green in Nevada County – use a clothesline

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

From May until November (with the exception of maybe one or two rain events) the sun shines and light breezes blow in Grass Valley and the foothills.  Close on perfect weather to use a clothesline to dry your washing instead of a dryer and help save energy and money too!

Ah yes you say, but when i run the dryer it only costs me 11c a Kilowatt hour so it would cost me more in terms of time and money if I had to hang clothes and wait for them to dry.  Well maybe you do manage to keep your electricity usage within the PGE baseline rate, but what if you don’t?  You can be paying up to 35c a Kilowatt hour if your electricity usage is over 300% of the baseline (check your bill and see!).  That gets expensive in a hurry.

One way to reduce that electricity usage is to dry clothes on a clothesline.  Easy to put up and use, such lines used to be a common sight in many a yard.  Just look around yards in Grass Valley and Nevada City for poles with wheels at the top, wheels that used to carry clotheslines.  Even if your yard does not seem big enough for a line, consider a rotary clothes dryer.  These take up less space and can easily be put up or taken down depending on need.

So save the planet by using less energy, and save some money too, at least for another couple of months in 2008.